Rumor has it...

Photo by John Severson

The coconut wireless is filled with news about the new swell.

I not sure if it a size thing or a swell quality deal or if has just been so long since I have gotten wet but I am really looking forward to my next surf.

We are hopefully exiting that slack time where the predominate swell source switches from southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. When you add that lull to a few weeks or months to get the winds sorted out and the morning high tides to turn more favorable it adds up to a dry spell.  I know its been awhile since I've gotten in the water.

A wet dripping wetsuit, hung up after a good session is a beautiful thing.

At this point my suit has those big wrinkles in it that come from being too dry too long.

(He wrinkles in my birthday suit, well that's another matter)

I still have to wait for the weekend but if it's over knee high I'm on it!


rspeer said…
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rspeer said…
This link may be of interest to you, Greenough mat pics
pranaglider said…
BB, Thanks for posting!

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