After the rain 
perfect waves
are toxic

Like a floating cloud
I give myself up
to the will of the wave

In the mirror
I shave
a stranger

right or left?
after the wave breaks
the choice is clear

all at once
the resin sets up
oh crap!

Like its been arraigned
not a drop out of place


pranaglider said…
MBP - More Bad Poetry

Sorry to all you regular reads who are putting up with this crap.

I'm looking at four days off. Hopefully I'll get in the water and come up with something more interesting to write about.
Unknown said…
North side HQ?

Prana, we love your poetry. Keep it coming, you're inspiring us, too. ha :-)
Aloha, and Happy New Year,
Cher and Steve
pranaglider said…
Jason, I have a pass and I like the walk in.

Steve and Cher, sadly I write crummy poetry but you inspire me to write something better!

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