Worm wrangling

So we have had rain for the last several days

No surf but the wife and I have had our hands full rescuing earthworms

The little wigglers get washed into the gutters by the dozens

We come along and pluck them from a watery grave and relocate them to our compost heap.

Worm wrangling is lots of fun.

I could see myself as a worm rancher in my golden years

Too bad so few survive the branding process!


Unknown said…
That post put a smile on my Monday morning face! Thanks Mr Wriggley
Growling Gecko said…
Man, they look well fed. Never seen such fat worms!
j man said…
looks like bait to me
steven mandzik said…
Worm wrangling on rainy days, what a great idea. I'll add them to the soil, since I don't have my worm composter up and running.
pranaglider said…
I kind of do a fifty fifty split with half of the worms going into the compost pile and the other half going directly onto the garden soil.

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