Start the music it's Christmas Time again!

Picked up our Christmas tree over the weekend

maybe the only time I use surf racks all year!

I have the recipe for the Christmas tree water from last year if you are interested

I did a Christmas Gift post last year too, you may want to check that out

So as we start counting down the days 'till Christmas, I want to encourage all of you to detach yourself from the incredible marketing push that has taken over the holidays.

Just for a little while.

No you will still have to get gifts for everyone you have ever known (oh and while we are on that topic my waist has swollen to 34 inches so you may want to write that down for later).

What I  am suggesting is that you find something about the holiday (whichever one you celebrate is fine by me) and marvel at it.

Find the beauty and the miracle in it.

Because just like variable inflation there is a miracle in everything.

You just have to pay attention.


Gaz said…
That looks like Durbs, that green light triggers a memory

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