This is it!

the one you have been waiting for  

the annual Xmas gift post just in time for the holidays 

The top 10 gifts to get a surfer are...

(drum roll please)

Well to begin with you don't need ten new things

(maybe knowing that is the biggest gift in itself)

Surfing is an experience maybe a lifestyle not a product

(could I get a six pack of  hollow A-frame peaks!)

I suppose there is some stuff required

(I ALWAYS get email from naked body surfers who will argue the point)

but we tend to get more and more and more stuff

(especially here in 'merica)

So what do you need?

(do those peaks come in a ten pack with a side of off shore winds?)

More importantly what do you need that someone can buy you?

Grandma is more likely to pick up the pop out from offshore than the custom board from your local shaper

(It had all those pretty plastic flowers dear, and it came with matching shirt and trunks)

Ok so where does that leave us?


(wax on wax off)

I had a standing order for surf wax for all gift giving occasions for years

(If you see me at the beach ask me, I have some)

(hopefully the humor of a mat rider with a huge stash of wax is not lost on you)

There are some neat wax scrapers available

(beats using a credit card, oh you cut those up? good!)

So where are we now?

boards are out

wax is in

waves come in sets

But don't come in a store.

The truth is no thing you can buy will make you feel like this

"Family treasures can't come thru the front gate"

So ask for a new beach towel.

That one in the car trunk stinks!

If it's a magic towel so much the better


pranaglider said…
As my holiday gift to you this post comes pre-snarked! If you would like to snark on your own just ignore the comments in parentheses.
andrew said…
I love this post. smiles all around.
pranaglider said…
Andrew - glad you enjoyed it!

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