Another Saturday Night

Shelter Surf Shop

Blow off your holiday work parties, mid December weddings, and general busy-ness to come throw down..Really.. Kick off your shoes and make yourselves comfortable.. We're breaking out the 45's, Tyler has a batch of fresh work, Alex has a new sound and Primo donated 300+ free beers for the occasion.. Hope to see you there!

Surf a Pig

Hurley is hosting the premier this Saturday Dec 12th 2009. This flyer says 2010. CLASSIC! We hope to see you all there. We are going to start the film around 8 even though the first flyer we pushed said 9. There will be free beer (thanks PRIMO!) and free gruel (thanks Gradoux) . There will be a board raffle (thank you 12th floor and Nation Surfboards). The prototype for the COOPERFISH BLACKBOARD will be there for interested people to check out. I can't wait to SHRED that! Steve Brom mentioned he might be bringing some insane false old boards to be displayed. We will have Jazz the Glass T-shirts and INVASION! from planet C dvd's for sale. We will have a few SLIDE magazines to be raffled off as well! Jazz the Glass DVDs will be replicated soon. ITS GOING TO BE SSSSIIICCCKKK!!!!

Check out the Mike Black interview on Liquid Salt

Ok I know this is a tough one.

Two stellar events, fresh art, live music, new pirate surf movies!!!

The noise the noise the noise

Did I mention free beer?

But I know you'll make the right choice.

It's the first night of Hanukkah
so you will all be at home
with the family

Ok Ok
You caught me!
The classic bait and switch

Just trying to make sure
The beer doesn't run out
too early
Notes from all over

One more thing

I was wandering thru the local mall, which is I know a terrible thing to be doing this time of year. But one does what one must. An what to my wondering eyes should appear but the surf heritage foundation retail store!

In addition to the usual books and clothing they have a installation of truly unique and priceless surfboards.

I'm not talking about third string shapes that were so ugly and dysfunctional that they survived intact.

I'm talking Simmons and Lis!

A beautiful collection

(Yes Tom your bitchen Lis fish is living in a mall! I asked the nice man if I could take it outside so I could see it in sunlight but he was too smart for that one!)


Tom said…
Ah, yes, my old lis fish! So it's having a second life as an "objet d'art". That's cool; it still has dents in the deck from my knees, and stress cracks in the hot coat on the bottom from a certain late takeoff in the early 70s. All evidence of it's former life as an object well suited to a specific function: going fast on a wave.

Tom T
Mr. Black said…
Thanks for the support!!!
pranaglider said…
Tom, the board is fantastic and the glass job has held up amazingly well.
A bar of wax and it's still ready to go.

Mr. Black - My pleasure. Trailer #2 is the funniest thing I've ever seen!

Looking forward to seeing the whole enchilada!

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