Another trip around the wheel

That's how I think of it.

I have ridden the mat a lot the last couple of years

Almost exclusively really

It's everything I have always wanted in a surfboard and more

But I have all these boards that I rarely ride

So this is the plan

I will start surfing boards again

Surf everything I own and end up back on the mat

Spend a little time with each and appreciate the board for what it is.

Maybe share the occasional opinion here on 23 Breaths

Ideally I would just bring them all with me to the beach and ride what ever is most appropriate for swell and tide.

But I don't have a van

So I thought I would just start at one end of the length scale and ride my way back to the mat.

I blame the historical display at the Surfing Heritage Foundation for the general idea.

(But I won't be starting with an  koa Alaia)

So first up is my 9'10" Mike Minchinton Sabre model.

The Robert August website says this about the Sabre

"This design comes with low-egg rails which taper back to an edge at the diamond-tail. A slight rail-to-rail concave under the nose incorporated with an overall flat bottom give this model some high performance capabilities to go along with its abundant nose riding qualities."

It doesn't fit that description exactly.

I would say its a well crafted single fin long board with modern rails shaped out of a Clark blank (10'1"Y?) with a square tail with slight V. It has a fin box and I need to find the fin I used to use in it.

It was a birthday present from my wife.

Although she doesn't surf she has a pretty good eye for boards.

How this plan to "tip toe through the fiberglass" will work out,

I have no idea.

One week on each board would take me well into Spring if not Summer.

The idea may collapse under it own foolishness.

A good swell may arrive and I may be off with the mat.

(a particularly good chance of that happening)

But it's Thursday morning,

the sun with come up in a few minutes

I'm jacked up on coffee

and this is the plan.


Quiver said…
Love the plan. Variety is the spice of life, but grab the right tool for the job with the waves are too good to miss.
I love the women in the pic with their boards! I've never seen one as long as the one in middle.

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