42 Breaths?

I'm back!

The holiday's are over, the shiny balls are packed away and it's time to get back to the grind.

Surfing and blogging

The trip around the wheel experiment is coming along

I've surfed the nine footers and the 8 ohs

The 7'2" Parmenter Barracuda is on tap for today

Aleutian Juice indeed

The tide is looking fat and the swell is on its way down but this board may get ridden for a few days

I thought I would save my impressions for some future post

but just to give you a feeling for how it is going

although I will be keeping my boards and probably be adding to the mix at some point,

my next board will be a mat!

I hope you all had a rich holiday experience

There has been a wealth of material on the net so I'm sure you have been keeping up

The new years celebration is at hand and coincides with a full moon, so make your plans accordingly.

Oh the beautiful bowl of fruit at the begining of the post is what I should have been eating instead of the 10 pounds of Christmas cookies I did eat.

Maybe 42 Breaths to fill the mat to adequate inflation?


pranaglider said…
Windy early this morning

Maybe rain tomorrow night?

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