Fishin' with George

Taking a breath after all the excitement with the Eddie.

Feeling like something from Greenough today.

George and friends fishing off the pod.

(Is it me or does the other fisherman look like Rob Machado?)

I hadn't seen this clip before
I thought you all might like it too.

Lots of things going on this weekend, I'll post more details tomorrow

Parties at Shelter and the Jazz the Glass opening at Hurleyville

It's a short post today. I have been staying out of the water since the "big rain".

My usual spot (a river mouth) has horrific water quality after a rain so I have been abstaining.

But I can only sit on the shore and watch it reel for so long.

I am going to find some surf.


pranaglider said…
at 1:38 George goes over the side with his mat
Glenn said…
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Glenn Sakamoto said…
I've seen this film at The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. They also have a cool little surfing exhibit there, too.
dogleg said…
that's funny. i took that pic of the pod off my cmputer! cool hey?
(uh not looking for credit)
see blog for an EPA mat post!
pranaglider said…
dl, thanks for the shot!

great stuff on your site today!

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