Long wins the Eddie!

Bloggers still run pictures of Kelly!
Kelly's 98 out of 100 wave

Congrats to Mr. Long!

I picked up the current Surfer Mag the other day.

The black one, the 50 year Golden anniversary edition.

I have mentioned in the past that the mag doesn’t live up to my expectations anymore. This is primarily due to the fact that I am exponentially older than the magazines’ target demographic. That and there have been some fundamental changes in the magazine industry in the last millennium which made for changes in the user experience that will remain undiscussed.

(I remember sitting at the front of the cave waiting for the new issue to arrive by brontosaurus! I still have some of the early issues drawn by John himself on papyrus!)

I ignore the sage advice “never read a magazine bigger than your head” and pick up the BIG summer issue once a year. To be fair I look at the pictures and it gets lost in the pile of reading material before I get through it.

So I was pleasantly surprised to page though this issue and find myself enjoying quite a bit of the content.

I really liked the Q&A with the past (and present) editors and publishers etc.

There was a nice article on style which focused on actual style and not contest tricks.

So super stoked on the new issue guys!

The photography was great but that has never been an issue. Pardon the pun

Two years, 24 issues for 23 bucks, I think its a deal!

This magazine may have legs yet!

But the truth of the matter is that print is dead and newspapers and magazines are just trying to get a new “business model” in order to survive as a profitable entity.

That's going to be a tough road for er and ing.

While the big industrial magazine producers have done what they do best,

produce magazines on a nonvolatile medium (recycled paper),

several contenders to the throne have appeared in the ether,

Drift and Liquid Salt are two of the strongest.

Drift has it's journalistic "finger on the pulse" and has taken an early lead.

It's the new one stop shop and has a plethora of stories, art and video but

isn't weighted down by the overhead of er or ing.

Liquid Salt is a new interview only site at the moment.

They have picked off some A list interviews (Lopez, Bing, Chouinard) and

once they get the rest of the requirements (travel, bikinis and advertising)

I think it will blossom.

Fun to watch and good luck to all the players!

(As an unemployed blogger, of course I strongly suggest everyone play the home game!)

Some really important news

In my inbox this morning I got the monthly mailer from Swaylocks.

Contained in said missive was an offer to sell a used surf mat!

Only used on Sunday's by a surfer from Indiana!

1 2 3 jump on it!


Surfsister said…
Great post, especially the part about the cave and the mail arrive by brontosaurus. You're obviously a man who grew up watching The Flintstones.
pranaglider said…
no, the mail really did come by brontosaurus back then. But the early Surfer magazines were worth it.
We enjoyed your post. And thanks for noting the used matt for sale, someone will love that jewel. Ride on!
Cher and Steve

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