It was a dark and stormy night - Jazz the Glass

I always wanted to start a post that way!

I kind of works cause it was raining last night when I went to see

Jazz the Glass at the Hurley compound.

Mike Black, the pirate ship and one of the boards that was raffled off

I spoke to Mike before the show and told him how much I liked the Trailer #2 material.

Mike graciously gave much of the credit to his collaborators on the project.

Despite the rain there was a good crowd and plenty of good food and free Primo beer!

If you liked Invasion from Planet C you'll like Jazz the Glass.

Actually Jazz the Glass is the prequel to Invasion

Something I didn't see coming!

Very Lucas-esque.

Can't wait for the third installment of the trilogy

See more photos at Surf a Pig

Read the Mike Black interview at Liquid Salt!


Surfsister said…
I had a list of four different things I wanted to do last night (two of which involved people who write blogs). I ended up not being able to do any of them, dammit! I did, however, have some dynamite pho. Doesn't make up for missing JTG or Whiff's show, but it was a small consolation.

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