Pipeline Masters

Congratulations to Taj Burrow on winning the Pipeline Masters

When I was growing up there was no official contest but everyone knew who the reigning Mr. Pipeline was.
(or at least who the mags told us Mr Pipeline was)

Phil Edwards was "the first" one out.  So I would say he qualifies as the first Mr. Pipeline.

Anyone else think its odd that with a wave that interesting no one took a shot at it earlier?

Ok so the boards from that period weren't suited to riding the pipe but you would think some Paipo rider would look at that tube and be all over it.

Yes indeed (photo from paipo.com) but I digress

The next Mr Pipeline, as I recall, was San Diego's Butch Van Artsdalen

Black Butch rode massive waves switch stance

Next up was another switch foot

Jock Sutherland started surfing Pipe in the long board era and continued well into the era of short board pipe rockets (sorry but I can't find a good picture of Mr. Sutherland from the Pacific Vibrations period)

Which brings me to

Gerry Lopez.  The man most people think of when they hear "Mr. Pipeline"

And who could forget "THE SNAP"

by Tom Carroll at the 1991 Pipe Masters. Amazing

And we can't talk about anything surfy without mentioning

Kelly Slater

 Of course they are others, lots of other as a matter of fact, but the sun is up and it's time to go look for some cold southern california mush to ride.

enjoy the day


Glenn said…
Nicely done and a good reminder of Pipe history.
klum said…
Great pics of Pipe history. Your comment regarding Gerry is spot on. Check out his mission statement for SRF (Surf Realization Fellowship) at www.srfhawaii.com. Puts a deeper meaning to surfing. Aloha!
We enjoyed your post, it's fun to walk back through history at Pipeline. Congrats to Taj!
Warm Aloha, Cher and Steve
pranaglider said…
Glad you all enjoyed the post!

Sorry I had to leave out a lot of greats.

The beauty of the wave stands the test of time.

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