Happy Winter Solstice!

Instead of my usual blathering on about the many holidays of the season

My personal favorite (Winter Solstice)

How I am looking forward to warmer days (tho it was 80 two days ago)

I thought I would just gift you this poem and call it a wrap

(those of you familiar with my poetry are wishing for some blather right now)

The spider

My wife pointed out the spider on the wall

"Get it", she said

I knew what must be done.

There would be no bartering for this spider's life

Firmly grasping the poetry journal I had been skimming

I lunged toward the beast

"Use a tissue, I'll need evidence",

she said,

too late

The magazine swacked the wall with it's deathly blow

"Nothing more dangerous than poetry" I said


pranaglider said…
Posting will be a little spotty this week. A bit of travel in store tomorrow etc. There looks to be a surf window Wed / Thur when wind swell and tide come together. Don't tell anyone just go!
love it. spider as sacrament for the longest night of the year. there could be worse offerings...

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