Mat Max posted a very
thought provoking piece on SurfMatters the other day

His question was, "what is aesthetically correct on the mat?"

I commented a couple of times on the
piece but it such an interesting topic
I wanted do a post on the topic as well.

To open it up a bit "What is style?"

The answer seems to be very hard to pin down.

What may be stylish on a mat might look foolish on a body board, a stand up paddler or the latest pro quad.

I don't have answers.

I thought I would pose some questions
in hopes that you would play the home game
and provide your thoughts in the comments section.

Is style a look?

Is style a feeling?

Does stylish surfing begin then end at the waterline?

Does stylish surfing extend up on to the beach?

Does it encompass the commercial goods that one can purchase?

Does style include an attitude as well as a physical posture?

I'm not going to throw in any pictures on this post

because it makes a little too easy to say this is IT!

Think about it an let me know.


pranaglider said…
No one has commented yet!

You could be the first!!

How stylish!
Dale said…
"As a matter of fact, the matter is settled: It doesn't really matter -- because it's all good!" --MAT MAX

Then nothing is bad?

Nonsense! I couldn't disagree more.

This how mat surfing has revealed
itself to me:

"There's nothing remarkable about it. All one has to do is hit the right keys at the right time and the instrument plays itself."

--Johann Sebestian Bach
Surfsister said…
How many times have I seen some stiff old guy just kill it on a surfboard even though his body will no longer allow him to move certain ways? Nevertheless, he'll find the right spot on that wave and work it for all its worth. On the other hand, I've seen young pups who could do all of the "parlor tricks" (as I call them) but who were actually boring to watch.

For me, style on any surf craft, comes from knowing where to be and how to be one with the wave. You can hang heels all you want; it means nothing (to me) if it looks like you're simply reaching into your bag of tricks in an attempt to get everyone's attention.

I find it stylish when a person connects with the wave and doesn't care whether there's an audience or not.
Beetlejuice said…
I agree w/sister,style's gotta be intrinsic
Tom said…
While sitting at the water's edge blowing up my shapeless "air mattress", slipping on my gigantic swimfins or shuffling into the shorebreak, I'm very aware these activities just DON'T LOOK cool. It's such a contrarian surf style that it puts the mat rider in a class of his own. And THAT'S cool!

Riding waves on a mat is a different story. I stop thinking about how I look. Mat surfing can't possible be about an observed "style", since the whole experience is so subtle and interior to the rider. One's style is actually his expertise. Dale nailed it. Eventually, after a lot of practice, the instrument plays itself, and that is something observable, even to the kids on their thrusters.

Tom T
Tom said…
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pranaglider said…
Tom you nailed it!

"Mat surfing can't possible be about an observed "style", since the whole experience is so subtle and interior to the rider. "
Ian said…
Style is delivering the goods,without boasting,denigrating other's actions or opinions,and putting ones money where ones mouth is....

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