When will it be good*

*on the weekend

Since I am very fortunate to have a job I surf the weekends

I have to make do with a surf schedule that revolves around the my arbitrary days off.

It may be ten foot and offshore on Monday after weeks of flatness but when the bell rings I head to the office.

So I have gained an interest in the forecasts.

Apparently with the latest Surfer website redo WaveWatch is gone, at least temporarily.

It had a decent graphical display of the next 5 days of swell activity.

I liked the way in the "expert view" you could see which swells were waning and waxing.

It was the only thing I consistently looked at SurferMag.

The site is such a mash up of streaming ad content it's hard to look at.

Fortunately for me there is SOLSPOT which meets my needs for a surf forecast quite nicely.

That and Mr. Wright draws pretty pictures

I have no idea what they mean but I assume it is part of the meteorological kung fu that brings us waves.


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