Rain and Mat Giveaway!

As I mentioned in a previous post SoCal is expecting rain.  Since this is the beginning of the storm season I wanted to include a link to water quality reports.

OC Beach Info

Surfrider Foundation Water Quality Page

Basically the story is this, any rains collect whatever has been sitting in the local streets and delivers it into the ocean.

This is my local spot,  the sand comes down the river and makes for nice sandbars. The river is over 110 miles long and drains a watershed of 2,650 square miles. I love it dearly, but it's a sewer mouth.

The standard recommendation is avoid ocean water contact for 72 hours after a rain.

Everyone I know who scoffs at this advise has three arms and points to the paddling advantage.

Mark Thomson sent me this link to an article on surf mats.   Part of the article is a contest based on "a photo of yourself on the most ridiculous inflatable craft".  If any of you are not on Santa's "good list", you know who you are, there is still a chance to get a new mat!  Good Luck!


rspeer said…
I`ve been persuaded by your enthusiasm, tried a mat for the first time today.perplexed and intrigued all at the same time.

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