Twofer Tuesday

First, something for everyone who drove in this morning

In SoCal this is a scary proposition, not necessarily because of the rain but because people here seem to have no other response to any new condition but to DRIVE FASTER!

Next, the solistice was last night, along with a full moon eclipse.

None of which I could properly celibrate because of the clouds, rain and general funk

Starting today the daylight hours get longer (in the northern hemisphere)!

So with New Year's feathering like a clean-up set on the horizon,

everyone here at 23B (that would be me)

wishes you and yours a pleasant holiday season and a happy new year!


DROOG79 said…
WOW- love that atmospheric dylan clip- driving version of a great song, ravaged voice- pure class.
Happy Winter Solstice, 2010!
We enjoyed your post, thanks for sharing.
Warmest Aloha, Cher and Steve
Unknown said…
Summer solstice full moon eclipse greetings from Oz Under:
another work dream
round shiney thing went all dark
yesterday's eclipse

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