Building an Arc

I have been nervously checking the weather reports
and working on the arc.

Mark sent over some more mat pics.

Rasta, what a lucky pup!

Photos by Hilton Dawe
Daniel Thomson in the second shot.

Nice piece on RK and the Yard Possums show over on the garage sale project

I found that surfing through the harmless neighborhood eccentric blog,  no shortage of goodness there.


thank you for the kind words- i love your blog too.
We love the photos of Rasta mat sliding in the beautiful point waves. . .

and the Aloha all around . . .
pranaglider said…

Your photo work is top notch!

My blog is, on the hand, a collection of my blaterings before I've had my coffee in the morning.


Beautiful shots indeed! I'm not sure who the photographer is but nice work. Thanks to Mark for sending these around.
Growling Gecko said…
Hilton Dawe took the pics and Rasta is riding an MT5. Everybody else in Australia was watching the Melbourne Cup whilst MT, son Daniel and Rasta enjoyed pristine waves alone on that day!
ha! thanks for the kinds words mr 23 breaths. i am just an old guy riding my bike around and taking snaps.
super shakas to you,
ps- family obligations prevent me from surfing great 30mph onshore indicators. prone to the bone!

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