Got Bits at the Journal

I got some ink (bits?) today over on the Surfers Journal site , check the "Journal Entries" section.

I'm super stoked that they ran the photo that Jason Hall of Daily Bread shot.

It shows you can do more than ride a mat straight to the beach.

Jason's been out there surfing and shooting for years and many of us use his blog as a surf check of the local area as well as a source of great links.

So check out the Journal website and stop by Jason's site as well!


jason hall said…
ummm, no photo credit???

pranaglider said…
The piece has been amended to add
Photo by Jason Hall.
jason hall said…

thanks Bruce and TSJ!
What a great photo, you're shredding, Bruce!
Congratulations on the TSJ feature.
pranaglider said…
Cher and Steve, Thank you so much. Riding the mat is a blast! Looking forward to seeing you guys and trying out a PendoFlex fish at the Anything But Three event!
Ramsnake said…
Crankin' mat riding Prana and great shot Jase!
Right hand squeezing hard pumping up the left rail and a left hand squeeze to add some overall stiffness?
Anonymous said…
good job!

also, i think that we should boycott TSJ, its a Chinese Pop-Out! we have printers here that are going outta biz left and right because, well, we all have this economy! blah blah

Bing the print jobs home!

Patch said…
Excellent. One of my favorite all time shots.
pranaglider said…
Ramsnake, About the right hand, yes squeezing to move air to the inside rail. Im using the kung fu grip on my left hand just to hold on! Mats take off like a wet bar of soap!!

Patch, One of Jason's good ones, there have been a lot of them. I always like the water shot perspective reminds me of all the great things you see just paddling out. I always liked your take on the shot. I still feel quite honored you used it in your work.

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