Everything you ever wanted to know about surf mats

Dale sent me the following vintage Greenough pic the other day

This was from his 1979 mat survey article titled "Everything you ever wanted to know about surf mats"

I haven't read the article in a long time but as I recalled he reviewed the mats that were commercially available at the time.
 Photo from Resin Tint

One of the things I clearly remember of the piece was a picture of a pile of mats.
There must have been a dozen.

Of course, now a days, just like the rest of us, Mr. Greenough has his choice of a variety of mats

One wonders about the breath and depth of his mat quiver.

I would imagine he has one of everything and a few extra to mess with.
Being George

By the way, it is a "quiver of mats"?
What is the correct name for a group / collection?

There is a pod of whales
a nest of vipers
a murder of crows...

Personally I think I prefer
a blowup of mats

And don't get me started about fins


Ramsnake said…
A blowup of mats? Just perfect!
Anonymous said…

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