The Sea was Angry my Friends

angry like an old man sending back soup at a diner ...

But AB3 did take place

As I predicted there was still a showing of core craftsmen, despite the rather breezy conditions.

Jason took a  lot of pics so zip over there if you are looking for them.

For a smaller event there were still a representative sample of the state of the art in surf design.

One fin, twin fins, three fins (all on one side of the board so it was ok), quads and bonzers

All said it was NOT a trip to Jack's!

For the resin and glass stand-up crowd Steve Pendarvis is still the only one who takes flex seriously.

He brought down a bit of everything from the super fun "rubber ducky" to fish, single fins and quad guns.

If I wanted a new board I'd go talk to Pendo.

But since he rides a mat too, it may be unfair to compare him to the rest of the crowd.

For me it was Jon's self made movie rig that stole the show

There weren't too many takers in the "lets paddle out an change a few" department.

Although there were these mysto cloud break peaks breaking way out there

It occurs to me that while we surfers were bummed about the wind, sailors have equal distaste for the windless conditions we consider optimum.

Which would mean that a surfer/sailor would always be happy with the wind conditions...


Ramsnake said…
Yeh for awhile there I toyed with the idea of windsurfing as an alternative to surfing when the wind dictates the need. But, I just couldn't be phaffed with lugging the thing around and then having to rig etc etc. I think kite surfing might been even worse in that regard.
So I put up with windies which can often surprise satisfactionwise.
6ftnperfect said…
nice Kostanza reference...
pranaglider said…
I love me some Seinfeldsforin

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