Welcome to June, it's raining

Photo above, a 60's / 70's  HB Pier shot, borrowed from 4Q Conditioning. Photographer unknown.

So that was Spring

Beautiful wasn't it?

Now it's early Summer

I can tell its Summer because at the crack of dawn

it's foggy, there's south wind and it looks like it's raining outside.

Shouldn't really call it rain, although technically it is

Really the result of such a heavy marine layer that it sprinkles.

This "Grey May / June Gloom" condition is not unusual around SoCal this time of year

when will it end is the big question.

On the plus side it is usually accompanied by the beginning of the south swells for the season.

Although sadly it's usually blown out.

Not much to do  but wait it out

or maybe go to breakfast
Pete, Tom, Bruce and Ken Dog photo by Bagjuan


Surfsister said…
Today's May Gray saw me driving up the coast for no apparent reason. I knew there couldn't be any waves as my home (beach) break and normal point break looked awful. But, a friend called and said she was going to another, more famous break up the coast. That was the call. The waves were good and the wind didn't kill it too much. However, it was coooooooold!
Anonymous said…
Hey, that's a large percentage of West Coast mat riders eating breakfast together.
Tom T

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