Spring Fever - More Cow Bell?

I think it's safe to say that Spring in here.
The last few days have been so nice
I have a huge case of Spring Fever going and
a decent south swell is running too!

Today and tomorrow look to be a tad windy
but after that its nothing but blue sky in the 10 day forecast.

What about Summer?
Summer can be an elusive creature.
We still need to get by the twin threats of May and June,
the two months in SoCal when morning coastal fog may last all day
The temps can be a toasty 70 or 80 degrees 5 miles inland
but a chilly, drizzle at the beach with south winds to funk the surf.

We will just have to wait to see what happens

The local flowers are off to an epic start
thanks to the one day of rain we received each week in April
The back yard garden is off to a great start too!

I had one MT5 picture left
you already saw it up at the top of the post.
If anyone out has any photos they want to contribute to 23B
send them along

One last thing,
the Anything but Three gathering
got moved back a bit
it's rumored to be following weekend  Sunday May 23rd in Oceanside
I'll get the details and post it up during the week
More details by TFAD here


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