I just spent the morning cussing at Blogger and adding or re-adding links to the Friendly Blogs section.
I visit blogs using the "I like these blogs maybe you'll like them too" section everyone seems to have on their site. Since I have two blogs, and obviously just wasn't paying close enough attention the list here at 23B was woefully in need of update, correction and repair.
I'm sure many of the links I added this morning were there at some point.
Sorry to so many of you who might have been omitted these many months.

That I need an editor in the worst way is not news to you if you read my posts.
It seems I need a site manager as well

So I am deputizing the lot of you to help out with this.
If everyone would raise a hand and repeat after me
(we are waiting because I see some of you don't have your hands up)
ok now
"I promise to take the time to tell Bruce that the links are missing or the post is mangled in some way"

Thank you and I would like to apologize for all of you who did that in the office .

So take a look around and let me know what I missed!


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