Spill Baby Spill

How are we able to pump oil from deep under the ocean but we can't seem to collect sunlight for energy?

Below is an email I got from the Greenpeace organization,

Check out their message and their Spill Baby Spill sticker

I can't wait to see the pictures after someone slaps one of these on Palin's limo!

We’ve come up with this powerful sticker to make sure that everyone is reminded why offshore drilling cannot be a part of our energy future - for our oceans, for our environment and for our climate. We’re offering these stickers to our supporters for a donation of $1 to cover the cost of printing and postage - display them widely and make sure that this disaster is remembered long after the cameras leave.

As the first wildlife victims are already being discovered in the Gulf, we are determined to make sure that this disaster serves to show President Obama that he must act now to permanently re-enact the moratorium on offshore drillingand that together with the Congress they must move to replace dirty and dangerous fuels with clean energy


Anonymous said…
stickers are commonly composed of poly vinyl chloride sheet, petro chemical ink, chlorinated wood product, acrylic adhesive, etc

are those stickers biodegradeable?
pranaglider said…
Good question! You would need to contact the Greenpeace folks for the definitive answer but I'm thinking its NOT made of baby seal pelt or anything.

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