HB Pier, Chuck Dent, Surf Contests and S decks

Seeing the pic of the Huntington pier from yesterday's post reminds me of the Chuck Dent contest rant from Five Summer Stories

Personally I don't have a problem with surf contests

I think they are as valid, as say, competitive picnicking,

but maybe thats just me.

Here is a clip from 5SS you may not have seen for a while

Great "fake news" voice over on this, 35 years before the Daily Show

Check out the S deck on the board that Mike Purpus is riding!

Nice cutback too

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow


Beetlejuice said…
Joni Mitchell soundtrack with ST in the tube?? Funny,and a different era "fer sure"
Surf Shops said…
Yes, it is Funny

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