Help Joseph Diliberti!

Above is the self made home of Joseph Diliberti.
Vietnam Vet, US Marine and currently practicing Rasta man.

The county cleared less than half an acre of native chaparral from his property in San Diego, without his consent, and now are threating to sell his property due to a weed abatement lien.

The total charge for this "service" is almost 60,000 dollars!

Maybe they should just leave this man alone!

Read more here at the California Chaparral Institute or

Here at SignOn San Diego


Dr Robert said…
wow...thank you for this.
I live in a forested area that requires weed abatement educated guess for a half acre clearance cost would be $500-700.
If it isn't done by the owner, the Fire Dept. as it done(at market rate) and the cost is added to the owners property tax bill.
Thats it.
Something is way wrong here.
pranaglider said…
From what I understand of the story,
the original change for the clearance is half of the amount. Fines make up the rest. Mr. Diliberti has tried to pay the property tax bill while the rest gets resolved but the tax collectors refuse. I also understand that several other home owners have challenged the high cost of the clearance that is done by a private contractor.

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