The happy accidental experiment

To continue the "from the rafters" series I present my "Fish"
Shaped in the summer of 73 by John Silver

The photo stretches the outline it's really pretty stubbie.
The blunt nose fish was popular at the time.

Flat deck, not much nose rocker and just a little in the tail

Thick with the foam carried out to the rails

How many fins does your twin fin have?

OK here's the story.

John was shaping the board for free, I just had to pay for the blank
and glassing.

I was broke (some things never change) and couldn't afford the cost
of the fins so I told him to just put a box in it and I'll figure it out later.

I played with a couple of different fins but I liked this one
the best.

I wedged a dowel behind the box and siliconed everything in place.

The board still surfs very "fish like".

This arrangement actually works better backside and didn't
track like a lot of the twins of the era.

The shortness also introduced me to the no paddle late takeoff.

I'm still a big fan after all these years.

I really fun board, I took it to Bali in 74.

All in all a happy accidental experiment!


pranaglider said…
I think of it as one of my fish.

But there have been people that tell me what I have is a swallow tail stubbie.

What do you think?
Anonymous said…
looks like bruce cowans
pranaglider said…
there is a REALLY GOOD reason for that Anon.

Trust me
Quiver said…
I get a headache sometime trying to figure out what to call my various boards. Your's is not a pure fish, but is very, very fishy. I do like the "swallow tail stubbie" description, because that hits all the points.

Except that Manny of Mandala keeps adding side fins to stubbies so I feel like the description should include "single."

And so my headache begins.
pranaglider said…
"Very,very fishy" has been used to describe myself as well as my boards... but that not withstanding...

I did add the side bites at one time to get a little more direction out of the turns and to handle steeper waves.

The board is more short wide and fishy looking than my meager photography skills show.

I skip the headache by defining all of my "boards" as "Fixed Craft" with the mat being the variable one.
6ftnperfect said…
last year Ryan Lovelace shaped a single fin fixed craft swallow tail fishy hull with really bladed out rails that I got to try out, it was fun.

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