FTC Announcement

The FTC has announced that bloggers must disclose their relationship with advertisers and if they have received free products or have been paid in any way for their endorsements.


Big Time

So in the spirit of full disclosure

I-had-no-idea it worked that way!

First off, if I did, I would blog in an industry that had a little more cash to spread around.

Second, if you discount the photos I rip off from Daily Bread , I'm getting nothin!

Such a bummer!

Quick, someone, fling me some product and an envelope of cash!

But alas, it seems that instead of finding neither fame and fortune as a lowly copy writer or finding a hot sweaty wad of money as a product pimp, I am destined to die destitute and unknown.


if you suddenly see me on a soap box singing the praises of the Intex line of inflatable mats you can be pretty sure I've sold out.

(Full disclosure, I have a red/blu intex mat in my trunk, which I bought at full retail)

But on the bright side I'll probably give you a ride in my limo!

PS - Since I basically love all the major wetsuit brands, you can still send me one it would all be good!

And I wouldn't freeze to death this winter!


pranaglider said…
High praise, Sir.

High praise indeed.

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