Yesterdays surf report -

There was swell and there was wind

but neither was from the right direction

too bad so sad

On the plus side I meet Dale Kobetich who was talking with Kaser.

Dale makes custom water housings for all the best water photographers

and is an outstanding photographer in his own right

amazing stuff!

Next weeks "board from the rafters"
is one of my all time favorites

An eighty's trifin

Elsewhere on the web -

The Surfers Journal has reworked their website

In addition to sneak peeks at the current issue
they are offering additional content (Journal Entries) and video.

As one would expect from the Journal all the content is top drawer.

They do require you to create a user id and collect a bit of info from you.

I am a big fan of the Journal so if they were to ask for my first born,

I'd be all "no problemo dude"


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