Plumeria's like the rain

Still sort of bummed that I didn't make the Sacred Craft Expo
honoring Dick Brewer

Nothing in the morning croissants today

I had a really good post in mind

But then I totally forgot what I was going to say

so we'll muster on anyway

It's been raining since around midnight

which is great for the drought conditions

but terrible if you live on a hillside below the burn areas

or like to surf the river mouths

Surf conditions should recover over the next few days

and there continues to be more tropical energy spinning up

I'm always hopeful.

I had a good time posting shots of my old board

And since I have a few old boards

I thought I would make it a semi regular event

My obligatory bad fin shot
The tail isn't as thick as it looks, it's the angle and the S deck.

This board is from the period between S decks and RB inspired down railed guns.

Getting cleaned up for it's close ups

The full post will be later in the week after I clean up the board and get some better shots.


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