Timultuous Tuesday

Today exercise in bloggery is unfortunately not a good one.

(It also doesn't bode well when that's my first sentence)

I'm going to tout a few sites I like and we'll call it a day.

I going in for a procedure tomorrow and I can't eat all day.

This shouldn't be a problem but you are guaranteed to wake up

hungrier than you have ever been in your life!

So on with the show

Lost Stolen or Ripped Off is a blog that may be best described as a

photo montage of surfing life

If your surfing life consists of boards, cars and girls.

Hundreds of photos from all over

Check it out

(some of the girls are only wearing a smile

so if you are surfing from the office be advised)

Next up is a new blog by long time blogger Brown Fish

Mr. Fish has turned his attention and considerable shaping skills to handplanes.

Handplane Goodness reflects his growing obsession with and the construction of


Hopefully he will inspire more folks to take a break from riding the mass

produced tri fin that's "just-like-the-one-Kelly-rides" and self produce something

for themselves.

I think it makes it a little more interesting that's all.

Great site, check it out

(In the spirit of full disclosure, my hand plane is a bright yellow piece of injection molded plastic that my son won in a raffle. But then I'm not allowed near saws, power construction tools, chisels or anything sharp so the plastic thingy is working OK. )

I am thinking of writing a piece about the role of Mana in surf craft but that's for later.

PS One more thing, heavy sedation is in the forecast for tomorrow so either there won't be a post or it will be intelligible, which could be a pleasant break from my usual drivel.


Surfsister said…
Handplanes? Yes!! I looked at the Brownfish blog last week, saw the handplanes and immediately asked him to make me one. I should have it by next week! Yes!

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