/*23 Breaths: Thanksgiving Week*/

Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Every Thanksgiving and usually Christmas too, my parents drove my brother and I to my grandmothers house in Burbank for the requisite turkey, stuffing and cranberry dinner.

Each and every time it was hollowing offshore.

My older brother and I pleaded to stay home, "It's gonna be epic!".

Every time our pleas fell on the unsympathetic ears of non surfing parents and we went.


I might have even thrown a tantrum if I'd known how.

But we went and I wonder how many good waves we missed.

I can tell you that you can always expect offshore wind on Thanksgiving.

Swell and tide well, thats another matter.

This mornings 10 day forecast

Nov 25

Sunny / Wind
From the Northeast

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