Stairway to Heaven

As the Thanksgiving workweek winds down I wanted to pass along a few random thoughts

This particular holiday is not about


Gravy - we are just crazy enough to have a holiday that celebrates gravy but the marketing people at swanson's just haven't gotten it together yet (sitting around watching MadMen reruns I suspect)

Stuffing - Not a big fan really, although I know some of you love the stuff.  I'd really rather just have the bread back and you can keep the mystery liquid that meddles it all together. While we are talking stuffing, if you didn't hide it in the bird you wouldn't have to overcook the turkey in order to make sure the stuffing is "done" and you wouldn't need the gravy to give some life to an overcooked dried out turkey.

the "Trimmings" - Imagine for a moment you are a food stuff, something delicious like brussel sprouts or a pie or something. Your whole life focused on being a great dish only to be lumped in with everything else as "the trimmings".  It's a bummer to be you man.

The holiday is also not about getting up in the middle of the night to stand in the cold out side some store in hopes of getting a dollar ninety eight 42 inch flat screen.

What is wrong with you people!

If you are getting up that early and to be cold to boot you better be going surfing.

And it better be good!

You understand that in SoCal the chances that you will be trampled at the pre dawn beach are probably just as good as being trampled at Walmart

but I digress.

You may have guessed at the beginning of this that I was heading to the "thanks" part of Thanksgiving.

And right you are.

Be thankful!

For what is up to each person to decide for themselves.

Take some time and repeat the practice as often as you need to.

I'll start.

I have a job

Now employment can be many things, for me, after being unemployed for over two years it means I can help provide a greater degree of economic stability for my family.

For that I'm truly thankful.

True I'm still too broke to get a new mat.

Even if they are on sale .

(I read some great stuff on the UK Mat Surfers site about guys having Paul make a 70/70 standard and then applying their own traction)

And the replacement for my Neumatic pranaglider is also quite a ways off in my financial future.

But as my wife is fond of pointing out.

I can only ride one mat at a time and I already have two.

So I'm thankful for that.

So it time for you to play the home game.

What are you thankful for?

I'll give you something

Here is some Frank Zappa!


chiledub said…
a celebration of great simplicity...."a holiday with no religious demands" (celebrated in fox holes,homes, wherever..)

"For families that have come apart, Thanksgiving is doubtless a melancholic reminder of what has been lost. Still Americans brave distance and traffic and airport security procedures to make their way to their families. A big continental country is made smaller on the last Thursday of each November."

"We can remind ourselves that for all our social discord we remain the longest enduring society of free men governing themselves without the benefit of kings or dictators."

"...enduring liberty is no less a blessing than the abundance of the earth."

We are thankful for uncrowded conditions when riding our mats:

Wind Speed 17.5 kts
Wind Gust 23.3 kts
Wave Height 5.2 ft
Dominant Wave Period 5 sec
Air Temperature 32.0 °F
Water Temperature 49.8 °F
Wind Chill 19.9 °F
Surfsister said…
I'm thankful for everything. Seriously. Life is too short to spend it pissed off . . . even when you have a right to be. I'm thankful for my family, my bionic knee, the cool people I've met through blogging, the fact that underemployment hasn't resulted in abject poverty for our family, surfboards, mats, good people, perspective and good health.
6ftnperfect said…
I am definitely thankful for gravy and stuffing, I'll tell you that much!

Great post...

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