Communique from the Great NW

When we last heard from our intrepid GNW correspondents, bagquan and chiledub, they were clowning around amongst the trees enjoying the sunshine enjoying mat quivers that would make a strong man quiver with longing. 

But there was a chill in the evening air and things were about to turn damp.

Wind Speed 17.5 kts
Wind Gust 23.3 kts
Wave Height 5.2 ft
Dominant Wave Period 5 sec
Air Temperature 32.0 °F
Water Temperature 49.8 °F
Wind Chill 19.9 °F 

Given the nature of the nature it was decided that a feast was called for.

It seems that many native mushrooms were gather to augment the humble repast   

If those are turkey dogs you are well within the Thanksgiving Day Dinner parameters.
The bread qualifies as stuffing, the corn or maize is a time honored side dish and McD's ketchup is a suitable substitute for cranberry sauce. At least it's from the red end of the color spectrum and that is close enough for 23B.

I will send you some of the 60 and 70 degree day time temperatures if you could send some of your swell in this direction.

PPS You can keep the wind, we have our own.


chiledub said…
Living the dream...

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