A couple of takes on the down the line mat boogie

Open both pics in their own windows so you can see the details

Greenough photo by Harold "Wardie" Ward

Here's an off the bottom but definitely down-the-line turn actuated by a subtle twist at the hips, a decided tuck of his inside shoulder and a little bit of fin tip

pic of Andrew Stephen Buck by Seth De Roulet

Above, we have the set up for the shot at the top really. ASB driving off the top and out with fins up. Low drag, high speed.

He is squeezing his outside front corner moving air to the inside mat rail and lengthening his inside leg getting ready to lean over, project and maybe use that fin tip.

I can and do sit and look at this stuff for hours.

Not just the waves, the mats, and the fins.

But how much a steady diet of Rincon effects style. 

So from my friends 
to me
out to you all

Happy Dreaming!


pranaglider said…
have I mentioned this week that I hate the blogger html editor?

No? Well I do!
Hey, Bruce,
We really enjoyed this post. The photos are amazing, love the technique tips, too. Aloha, Cher
pranaglider said…
The only tip I can offer is "go surf"! Anything else I say should be taken with a grain of salt.
Growling Gecko said…
I am going surfing today. Hopefully on a mat. It might be a Neumatic. If the post gets here early enough! But i don't think it will. Oh well, lots of seal claps anyway!

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