Killer Quiver - Ramsnake

I snaged this quiver shot from RamSnake's blog Magic Carpet Ride

You probably have already seen it, but RS has a rather complete quiver and I thought it was deserving of a little more attention.

In addition to the photos, Ramsnake gives us his take on how the individual mats ride, so check it out.

No word on how long it takes to decide which mat to surf in the morning but I think he has a man servant / mat caddy that he confers with before each go out. 

"I would be a good day for a Fatty, sir!"

"Yes Manfred it would,  perhaps later, right now inflate the Neu with 23 breaths.  It's time to charge the peak!"

(I kid! His mat caddy's real name is Bob)


Ramsnake said…
Bob is delighted to have finally been recognized for the valuable service he loyally provides each time I go for a mat ride!
LESider said…
Lets get the real story out how Bob got his name.

His real name is actually Manfred but since Ramsnake has such an expansive mat collection he doesn't like to go out with just one mat so he makes Manfred take out a second mat, now you have to realize that Manfred is from the Alps in Germany and can't really swim but Ramsnake still makes him go out no matter what size the waves are.
Well I guess the little kids on the beach are always asking who that crazy man in the tuxedo is bobbing around next to Ramsnake and its the little kids that gave him his nickname as they couldn't remember the name Manfred.
Ramsnake said…
Wow, to have a fellow mat rider out there with me? That would be fantastic even if an imaginary one called Manfred or Bob maybe!! One day maybe but for the moment though it is a solo gig!

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