Post Turkey Trama


You ate your Tofurky feast

You recovered enough to make it to the mall (against my advice)

You bought some new 52"* electronic state of the art thingy

on sale for a buck ninety eight

Now comes the real fun Sliding downhill on the cardboard box it came in!


 Now watch the ladies git er done


 *measured diagonally


Quiver said…
The grass needs to be of the proper consistancy, and you have to have some decent sized piece of cardboard on hand, which will eventually fall apart, but...
If you have a street on a hill, and the pavement is the right age, and you still have that box of detergent that your friend stole from the corner store (for unknown reasons) then you can SOAP THE STREET.
This idea filled up a long winter afternoon for me and 8 other friends one winter day many, many years ago. It's still a valid idea and one I could imagine repeating someday, only now I would be guilty in the knowledge that soap, even biodegradable, does damage to the life in the waterways which most of our storm drains dump into.

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