Good Times, my friends, Good Times

Mat Master Warren sent in the following Haiku and pictures
choppy but fun
a week or two ago
same day same wave

photos by Les Wilson

Kind of reminds me of last weekend

Small combo of swells with some variable breezes.

a little bumpy but really fun when you got one where you could connect the sections.

Afterwards, peeling off the wetsuit and standing in the carpark

the sun doing it's best,

Fall in California

My body full of post surf endorphins

Good Times, my friends, Good Times 

One more thing,

I am contributing to a new website

I've got a piece over there this morning entitled,

I have plans for a couple of more.


Ahh the Beatles lip synching


Congratulations, Bruce! We enjoyed your post and article. Aloha, Cher and Steve
Brine Time said…
loving your blog work
transports me to the sea shore
before i commute
pranaglider said…
Briney, Nice one! Always good to see someone using the classical counting. I am (obviously) not so disciplined.

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