Halloween post up or Ronald rides a Mat!

Some Great North West quiver photos from Chilidub

Not sure if the clown is from the deep and rich NW mythological heritage, a Halloween reference, a comment on politics in America or just some clowning around.

Mat on the far right known alternatively as the open face Oreo or Casper

You can always tell it's the NW.
Lots of trees and moss on the ground.

If this was SoCal there would be condos in the background and all the trees would have spray paint tags.


Brine Time said…
stranger danger, i says
Gaz said…
Seen some new matters in the water lately, think it would be a blast to take one out in giant surf and get some bombs, maybe Surftwin and I will have to pony up a new toy around Xmas time!
Bagjuan said…
When The whole scene becomes a circus, the mat clowns appear....

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