Off Shore Winds

There is an off shore wind event shaping up for Thursday

A little too early to see if this is really just "variable winds"

or a real wind "event"

A wind event being classified as having a winds of so many kph or mph

I describe a wind event as blowing hard enough to be a bother on land.

You know, tie your animals to a tree and go search for your trash cans kind of bother

which have blown half way to the beach by now

Which does give you a good excuse for going to the beach

"Gotta look for our trash cans honey" 

Now where did they get off to?

The streets? Maybe the pier? Down by Golden West?

I suspect it's some sort of mating ritual for the trash cans 

but that's just me

Makes the surf look nice

I just hope there is some surf and wind left for the weekend


Graham said…
becuase of its frequency over the past weeks, Id say offshore is the new onshore.. I Like it better
Val said…
Me too! i HEART Santa Anas.

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