/*23 Breaths: A tale of two cities*/

Friday, September 13, 2013

A tale of two cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

People were frothing for a mat meet
There was swell
The weekend was going to be warm

There seems to be a gathering shaping up
in the northern part of the southern region
"North of the Bu and south of the Sur"
on Sunday

There are several gatherings 
scattered like sea birds
through out the South Bay

On Saturday
Happy Yom Kippur
I will be fishing young ravers
from the shore break
like the grunion
they are
all whilst wearing a glow stick
around my neck

Lately I have been hoping back and forth
Paul's short lived "Mini Mat" model
the spectacular Omni
(It pays to have a raft bearer)

So you have read this far
Will there be a mat meet this weekend?
Yes, there is a mat meet every weekend
Every electron, proton and neutron of every atom
has a mat meet 
everyday of the week

There always has been
There always will be

1 comment:

harmless neighborhood eccentric said...

Excellent post. Mini and Omni are my jam too.
I wave a shaka in your general direction.