/*23 Breaths: Omni with DRP*/

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Omni with DRP

pizza with ricotta cheese and topped with mushrooms
In the shape of my new Omni...

And so it seems all the best days of summer are in the fall

The sky was blue

and clear as a bell

the temperatures were in the upper 70's on the sand

yet the vacationing hordes were not laying a claim to every or even any, of the fire rings that hug the parking lot

The water was in the upper 60's

The surf was not large by any means but I did see a 10 year old get a set wave that was double over head

you can do the math

All in all a good day to surf

But I had work to do,

a new mat to be ridden,

and these things don't test drive themselves...

Conclusive findings will, of course, take time

I'll have to ride the mat extensively, in a variety of conditions

at a variety of inflation levels

maybe going back an forth with my other Omni for some comparative surfings 

But that said,

This mat, with the down rail pontoons

at inflation levels more toward the full side of the gauge

in decent conditions

rides well

or I should say tube rides well

as that was what was on tap for the day.

And who am I to argue?

1 comment:

Robin Thomson said...

Ok well I look forward to hearing more about this mat.