/*23 Breaths: I would like to apologize in advance*/

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I would like to apologize in advance

Paul's new Drop Rail Pontoon has me intrigued.

A little DRP technology added to the already amazing OMNI sounds perfect for the local beach break heaves and pitches I find myself riding these days.

So I put in my order.

Read all about it here and here.

Which brings us to my apology.

When ever I order a new mat,

well not just a new mat the same thing happens when I would get hard boards,

there are flat spells,

wind storms

hordes of locusts

you get the idea

but still

something that keeps me (and everyone else)

out of the water.

And for that

I am truly sorry.

There is a corollary, the more I want to ride the new craft

the longer I have to wait.

Wait maybe that's the Theory of Relativity....but I digress...

anyway we could be in for a long dry spell

The best I could do was to order a new mat

as the seasons change and

things are quite variable anyway

(the south pacific is asleep and the north pacific hasn't really woken up yet)

So look for pics of a dry new mat,

artfully arraigned

here on 23B



Anonymous said...

Been there with David.

PG said...

Prana's Omni DRP just went out...let the flat spell begin!

Robin Thomson said...

Damn you Prana! Just as things were getting better!
Get that first session in crap conditions over with asap so as things can get back to normal!
Oh and looking forward to the comprehensive report on it's performance!