corporate profit charade

coyotes are around the corner
roaming with the dogs of war
If we lock up their chemical weapons
Won't they just make some more?

When will they realize
when will this killing season pass
I wish it was ancient history
In some class I was trying to pass

It seems they play that same old tune
there is money to be made in war
I hope I live long enough
to see the days when it's not like that any more

They want all the apples
to last as long as bricks
so they mess with the genes
for a quick profit fix

So I sign the petitions
and I march in some parade
don't ask the children to die
for another cruel quarter
of  this corporate profit charade

I know I need to stop

1) drinking too much espresso
2) reading the news
3) writing another bad blog post

but it's what I do


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