Surf Cars - variations on the theme

I've been meaning to do another surf car post for a while now.

The connection between surfing and cars has always been intertwined,
most of us learn to surf about the time we get our first set of car keys...

Since you need a car to get to the beach here are some options I've noticed around town

this one lets you bring all your stuff and spend the night in comfort

Studebaker Daytona Wagonaire
As surfboards got shorter station wagons got shorter too.
There were always close ties between the folks in Detroit and the surfers on both coasts

some trivia for all you Studebaker freaks out there,
that break in the roof line is because the back section slides away! awesomeness

Now you are talkin'!

With only a mat and fins to worry about 
this convertible Thunderbird is the call

Best Surf Car Ever!


Growling Gecko said…
I am thinking, being a mat rider, I could get away with using one of these.
pranaglider said…
Robin, Yes that would be adequate but you would have to get used to the feeling of going slower compared to the speed on your mat!
piskian said…
You need a car to get to the beach?!
Kyoootoo Treeeaateeee ahoooyyyy!!!!!
Unknown said…
ohhh that car-home-aRt gallery on wheels....what acracker!!! yeaaahhh

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