It's no secret that I am generally disappointed by the surf magazines I grew up reading.

Er and Ing are only occasionally more than product catalogs for more junk to sell to teenagers.

So when I when to my local book store in order to pick up a copy of SLIDE magazine I did so expecting to see the same ads and the same ratio of ads to content as the usual crop of mags.

I was quite pleasantly surprised.

Even more importantly this months issue (#22) has an article about Steve Pendarvis by Andrew Smith.

It's a great article about one of the only shapers in the world doing anything but shaping more tri fins designed as a launch pad for yet another air reverse. Heck of a nice guy too. My wife and I had the opportunity to enjoy some morning coffee with Steve and Cher a few months ago. The Spirit of Aloha lives in these people and talking with Steve about board design was maybe the most intense surfing experience of my live when I wasn't suited up and neck deep in the brine. Great Stuff!

So if you are in the mood to read about surfing pick up the latest Slide.

Oh and if you are interested in getting your own Pendo shape for this summer you had best get a move on.

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Hi Prana, thank you for your thoughtful post! We appreciate you sharing stoke!
Aloha, and Cowa-flexit!
Cher and Steve

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