On the road

I picked up a new pack at the Patagonia sale a while back.

You know, something that I can use to transport the company laptop back and forth.

Strangely enough this one also came with a wet/dry compartment ;)

This weekend the plan is to put it to some use.

I have new mat, the functional properties of which need to be properly explored.  

I am also getting a little parched myself, it's been a while since I had the pleasure of a bit of time down by the beach.

Some time spent with the wind and the spray.

Conditions don't look too bad.

Not enough swell for a full blown mat meet

But that will be coming soon.

Enjoy the weekend


Surfsister said…
Every night, I go outside to look for the mat signal. I can't send it up either. There's not enough going on in the water. Pray for "soon"!

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