summer dream

Hopefully without jinxing it

It looks like summer has come to our little section

of the Southern California bight

It's a little damper in the mornings but the howling south wind has stopped

and the beach has been clearing off

much to the enjoyment of inlanders traveling to the beach for a break from the IE heat

and the local businesses that sell them cold drinks, t-shirts and sun block

I have seen with my own feet the blue sky and warm sand at the local secret spot

which was filled to capacity last weekend

nothing to do but sit back

enjoy the tomatoes

and dream about south swells and mini mats

Now for the audio visual part of today's program

You almost got Summer Breeze the Seals and Crofts #1 hit from 1972 in this spot but I was feeling more Mungo Jerry this morning.  The epitome of 70's music videos, it really has everything, a prerecorded soundtrack (do the guitars even have strings?) that Mungo and his prodigious sideburns make an only passing attempt at syncing to. None of the electrical instruments are plugged in. I give extra points (or take them away depending on how you are playing the game) for a quick shot of the glass jug but we never see the no doubt classically trained percussionist who is doing a mean job playing sandpaper through the song. Remember it was the early 70's and cowbells hadn't even been invented yet. But there you have it. You be humming this song for the rest of the day.


Ted said…
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6ftnperfect said…
Summer Breeze was playing on the AM radio when we parked the car for my Great-Grandfather's funeral, it was on constant rotation. We bought his 63 four door Comet from the estate and it was my dork-mobile in 10th grade.

In The Summertime was one of my all time favorites, second only to Hot Fun in the Summertime.

Raise your hand if you had python boots like Mungo's!!

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