"You'll never have to listen to surf music again"

Paul Diamond posted this song on the FB the other day. It brought back such sweet memories. The year was 1964, I was a precocious child and strictly forbidden to enter my older brothers bedroom when he wasn't there.  Which of course I did as often as possible. Mostly to read his growing collection of Surfer Magazine and listen to his questionable taste in music.

Things got better as soon as his he started listening to Zappa and boards dropped from 10 feet to 6.

If I had only stayed on the mats!

I do still enjoy some surf music, gone are the formula bands that were just making a buck on the "surf craze" faze of those crazy teenagers.  What is left of surf music is some very strong musicians keeping the surf sound alive.


Piskian said…
Man or Astroman
Henry Hester said…
I gave "Freak Out" to Rojane for we birthday in 8th grade. No the best move but the thought was there...

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